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Walkthrough Pokemon Cloud White

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The game is a continuation of Fire Red. In other words, you follow the original story of Pkmn Fire red. However, after the Sevii Islands, a new story begins for your hero (In this document it will be named "Red"). New evil team and some legendary Pokémons are going to change totally the main storylines. So let's go together to the fabulous world of Pokémon Cloud White!


32 Mega Evolutions are implemented in the game. To evolve into these Pokemons, you need to use a "Mega Gem". Except for DracaufeuY (Charizard lvl 90), Mewtwo (Mewtwoite) and Rayquaza (Rayquazaite), etc. Important note : 2 primal are now available in game.
- Dracaufeu X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Dracaufeu Y : Evolve at Lvl 90
- Tortank X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Venusaur X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Beedrill X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Garchomp X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Slowbro X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Jungko X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Swampert X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Blaziken X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Rayquaza X : Evolve with Rayquazaïte
- Mewtwo Y : Evolve with Mewtoïte
- Gyarados X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Steelix X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Sharpedo X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Scizor X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Abomasnow X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Lucario X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Gengar X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Gallade X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Tyranitar X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Galeking X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Demolosse X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Ampharos X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Altaria X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Pidgeot X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Glalie X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Elecsprint X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Charmina X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Salamence X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Sableye X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Metagross X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Mewtwo X : Evolve at lvl 90
- Alakazam X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Banette X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Mawile X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Aerodactyl X (Ptera X) : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Absol X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Lopunny X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Pinsir X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Kangaskhan X : Evolve with Mega Gem
- Groudon P : Evolve at level 90
- Kyogre P : Evolve at level 90


Kadabra  Alakazam : Lvl 45
Haunter  Gengar : Lvl 50
Machoke  Machamp : Lvl 45
Onix  Steelix : Lvl 32
Kirlia  Gallade : Dawn Stone
Snorunt  Froslass : Dawn Stone
Feebas  Milotic : Water stone
Seadra  Kyngdra : Lvl 46
Slowpoke  Slowking : Sun Stone
Poliwhirl  Politoed : Sun Stone
Evoli  Espeon : Sun Stone
Graveler  Golem : Lvl 36
Lickitung  Lickilick : Moon Stone
Evoli  Umbreon : Moon Stone
Rhydon  Rhyperior : Lvl 56
Scyther  Scizor : Lvl 30
Electabuzz  Electivire : Lvl 42
Magmar  Magmortar : Lvl 42
Porygon  Porygon2 : Lvl 30
Roselia  roserade : Shiny Stone
Togetic  Togekiss : Shiny Stone
Murkrow  Honchrow : Dusk Stone
Misdreavus  Mismagius : Dusk Stone
Gligar  Gliscor : Lvl 32
Piloswine  Mamoswine : Lvl 42
Porygon2  Porygon-Z : Lvl 42
Nosepass  Probopass : Lvl 42
Dusclops  Dusknoir : Lvl 44
Riolu  Lucario : Lvl 28
sneasel > Weavile : Happiness


The list below can evolve in the future
- Key Rocket 1 :
- Key rocket 2 :
- Ferry Card :
- Ferry Card BW :
- Ferry Card G :
- Bus Card G :
- Bus Card 1 :
- Bus Card 2 :
- Bus Card 3 :
- Bus Card 4 :
- Mega Gems :
- Mewtwoite :
- Rayquazaite :
- CKB. Katana :
- Hojo Katana :
- Shimazu Kat. :
- Takeda Kat. :
- Imagawa Kat. :
- Uesugi Kat. :
- Shogun Kat. :
-Pokegear :
- Lokh'pass :
-Air Altaria pass :
- Baie Grâce :
- Baie Beauté :
- Baie Sang-froid :
- Baie Robustesse :
- Baie Intelligence :
- Baie Auroros :
- Baie Genesis :
- Jaw Fossils :
- Sail Fossils :
- Skull Fossils :
- Armor Fossils :
- Honey :
- Subway Card :
- Down Stone :
- Shiny Stone :
- Dusk Stone :
- Frozen Rock :
- Moss Rock :
- GS Ball :
- Kollo Coin :



A new system is available to move between the 5 regions of the game and to move into these region.
BETWEEN REGION (not implemented yet):
- Vermillion City (Kanto) : Available at the begginning
- Isle 6 (Sevii) : Available at the end of the Sevii story
- Copper City (Mangan) : Available After you beat Leaf in Copper City
- Green Island (Mangan) : Available after you've received the title of "Samurai" in White Island
- Mariville (Azur) : Available after you've talk to Max in Ile Pourpre
- Olivine City (Johto) : After you've beaten Shogun to become the "Emperor"
- Villa Johto (Johto) : If the "Sea Wolf" is one of our assistant in "Villa Johto"
The subway system replace the Train Station System. This system is available as soon you can go in Johto.
- Iron City : Available after you've beaten Leaf in Iron City
- Steel City : Available after you've beaten Koga in Steel City
- Jadetown : Available after solved "Jade Grotto" problem
- Silvertown : Available after you' ve beaten Aldo in in Silvertown
- Kobalt City : Available after you've beaten Morgan in Kobalt City
- Mangan City : Available after you've beaten the Emperor in his castle
- Usokki Town : Available after you've beaten the Emperor in his castle


They are listed below :


During your travel you will find 8 buyable houses. These houses can help you cause they contains a lot of features like a healer, a little mart, ...
Moreover, In Johto you will find a villa. This villa can be customize.
Sevii :
- House in Isle 5
Price : 100000pk$
Features :
- House in Isle 6
Price : 150000pk$
- House at Sevault Canyon
Price : 150000 pk$
Mangan :
- House in Opal City
Price : 300000 pk$
Features : Healer - 2 mart
- Villa Kobalt in Kobalt City
Price : 500000 pk$
- House at Aspen Lake
Price : 400000pk $
Features : - Healer - Pokéball seller - Honey Seller
Johto (It will be replace soon):
- Villa in the south West of Cherrygrove City
Price : Reward of the Johto Quest "Johto gym challenge"
Features : You can bought some customization :
- Healer : heal your Pkmn (50000 pk$)
- The "Sea Wolf" : To travel fast between all the regions (100000 pk$)
- Drug Dealer : Sell some medicine (50000 pk$)
- Expand "Pokemon zoo" : more pokémon on your island (50000 pk$)
- Underground Training Room : A room to train your Pokémons'EV faster (200000 pk$)
- Dolls (50000 pk$)


33 legendary Pokemons are available in the game.
Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno are in the same place as the original game.
Xerneas : Lvl : 70 / At bourg Frisson
Yveltal : Lvl : 70 / At Puy Magmar
Arceus : Lvl : 80 / Between Opal Cityand Crystal River (in the Grotto)
Rayquaza : Lvl : 70 / Give at the end of the Scenario of The Red Island
Deoxys : Lvl : 30 / At Birth Island with the Aurora Ticket
Latios : Lvl : 50 / At Treasure Beach
Latios : Lvl : 50 / At Treasure Beach
Lugia : Lvl : 70 / At Navel Rock with the Mystik Ticket
Ho-Oh : Lvl : 70 / At Navel Rock with the Mystik Ticket
Groudon : Lvl : 70 / Near from the Spruce Peninsula
Kyogre : Lvl : 70 / Near from the Spruce Peninsula
Darkrai : Lvl : 70 / At Lost Cave
Victini : Lvl : 5 / Give by Shogun
Celebi : Lvl : 30 / at Ilex Forest
Jirachi : Lvl : 30 / At Icefall Cave
Mew : Lvl : 30 / At Three Isle Port
Regigigas : Lvl : 70 / At Ruin Valley
Dialga : Lvl : 70 / At the end of the Azur Scenario
Suicune : Lvl : 45 / At Rixy Chamber
Raikou : Lvl : 45 / At Liptoo Chamber
Entei : Lvl : 45 / At Viapois Chamber
Palkia : Lvl : At the End of Johto Scenario
Manaphy : Lvl : At Whirl Island (scenario event)
Cresselia : Lvl : At Sprout Tower (scenario event)
Zekrom : Lvl : At Mt.Silver (scenario event)
Reshiram : Lvl : At Dragon's Den (scenario event)
Keldeo : Lvl : At the west of the MooMoo Farm (scenario event)
Shaymin : Lvl : At Goldenrod City (scenario event)
Mewtwo (2.0) : Lvl : On a mysterious Island (scenario event)
Bonus : Red Gyarados : Lvl : 30 / At Lake of Rage


The PWT takes place in Mapple Town. This place is only available after beating Giovanni in Mont d'Or.
Moreover, you need to complete some things:
-Defeat the Kimono's sister.
- Defeat Hanzo Hattori in Goldtown.
- Defeat the Rocket Admin in Opal City.
- Defeat Master Mihawk in Copper City.
- Defeat Mr. Pokemon at his farm.
- Defeat Master Laure at Empoleon Pool.
- Defeat Aldo's Dad in Silver Town.
- Defeat Giovanni and Kain in the Mont d'Or.
Your enemies at the PWT are Lvl 100 with team of 6 Pokemons. Your team isn't healed between the battles. Succession of 11 battles!
If you won the tournament you can't retry it, but you receive 500000 poke$, Mega Gem x5, Master Ball x1.
Battle list :
Musashi (seven samurai) Marc (Hoenn champion) Peter/Lance (Kanto Champion)  Gold/Luth (Johto Hero) Cynthia (Sinnoh Champion) Steven (Hoenn Champion) N (Unova trainer)  Blue/Regis (Rival)  Shogun (Emperor)  ShinGoku (???)  Ash Ketchum


The Kolloseum is another pokémon tournament. It takes place in Johto, next to Olivine City.
In this tournament you have 3fighting modes :
- Normal : A PWT like. 10 trainers to fight. Prize : 1Kollo Coin + 1 Rare Candy + 1 pp up
- Duo : 10 trainers to fight in duo battle. Prize : 1 Kollo Coin + 1 Black Sludge + 1Rocky helmet
- Inverse : 10 trainers to fight in Inverse battle. Prize : 2Kollo Coin + 1pp max
- Bet : 10 trainers to fight but before a battle you need to pay money. Prize : 1kollo coin and ...
your bet *1,5 for each battle you won.
In the Main Hall, you can exchange your coins against some prize. For example, against the red orb (4 coins), rare candies, etc.
The Kolloseum isn't a Nuzlock Challenge. You can retry it.
Trainer List :
- Ash Ketchum
- Brock
- Ondine /Misty
- Max
- Cynthia
- Drake
- Cecil
- Steven
- Silver
- Leaf 


This prologue is available during your peripety in the Sevii Islands. Find all the seven samurais and defeat them to earn gifts and complete your Pokedex.
All the Pokémon are lvl 100, and some of them are legendary Pokémon or mega evolutions.
You can rematch all the seven samurai. Their team changed into stronger team.
Shogun : Isle 6 (Town)
Gift : Victini lvl 5
Kojiro : Isle 3 - Bond Bridge
Gift : Snivy lvl 5
Musashi : Isle 3 - Bond Bridge
Gift : Oshawott lvl 5
Max : Isle 6 - Water Path
Gift : Tepig Lvl 5
Masamune : Isle 2 (Town)
Gift : Froakie Lvl 5
Tokugawa : Isle 4 (Town)
Gift : Fennekin Lvl 5
Kikuchiyo : Isle 1 - Kindle Road
Gift : Chespin Lvl 5


She received a Pokemon the same day as you. She loves grass pokemons. You meet her for the first time in Steel City. She is your Girlfriend.^^.
The Leader and creator of the seven samurais. After that he is the Emperor of the Archipelago Mangan. He controls all the Daymios and he never moved without the "Hatamoto," the watch dogs.
A strange man... He is Peter/Lance's dad. Moreover, he was the master of the Draconian Clan of .... . One day, he had destroyed his own clan. That's why nobody knows where he is now.
The leader of the Team Rocket in Mangan Archipelago. He is a friend of Giovanni.
Ash Ketchum
With his Pikachu: they want to try the PWT.
The Seven Samurais
A team of the strongest samurais ever. They are in Sevii for a mission...
Masamune Date
Dragon's Brother and father of ... He lives in Leviathor-Le-Lac
His nickname is "God." Legend says he was the first to defeat Shogun and ... the only one.
The Four Rocket Brothers
Remember, at Sylph Co, ... Now they work for the Date Clan.
Leader of a mercenary alliance called Team Omicron
Team Saturn Leader. She have accepted to fuse her team with Team Rocket. Team Saturn comes from the Region of Sinnoh.
Hero of Johto. He will help you in Johto.
Gold's Rival. He will help you to beat the Team R in Johto.
Also called the "Farswearer". The best friend of Dragon and the leader of the Farswearer. He tried to destroy the clan of Dragon.
The leader of the "Blossom State".
One of the Seven Samurai. He is your first assistant in all your mission for (or as) the Emperor.
Legends : Cities - Characters - Items - Event
From Outcast Island, take the Channel at the North. A guy will block the way if you haven't beaten the Team Rocket at the Rocket Warehouse in Isle 5.
Prof Chen/ Oak is here to present to you the region with Blue who is in Holidays.
In one of the houses, An old man explains the use of mega gems. Another man speaks about the PWT at west.
Blue battles you when you meet him. He will give you mega gem.
The bridge at the North is blocked by some engineers. Same problem at west so you need to go to the east: to Mr. Pokémon's Farm. You fight him and after the battle he explains how to use a mega gem(He gives you his Mega gem).
Continue your progression at the N-E and enter in the Tin forest. You will find a house called maison simularbre. Indoor, you can fight Master Rob woodcut. However, to receive a mega gem you need to defeat the Rocket Grunt near the exit of the Tin Forest.

In Iron City, you meet Leaf for the first time. She is your new rival. She uses Grass-type pokemons.
In the City, a rocket grunt rackets you in front of the Iron City Mall.

You find a swimming pool (you are facing a succession of swimmers and you should defeat them to get a mega gem).
At the center of the city, there is a battleground. A man proposes to measure yourself to competitors and as a reward you get a mega gem. Succeeding trainers 70-80-90-100 levels with 3 mega Pokémons not evolved.

Sylph Co Pokeballs factory: inside is the rocket grunts who steal Pokeballs. You beat them, and they disappear. An admin is present and asks if you are Red. He explains further to your surprise that the rocket team had a subsidiary on the red island (or mangan in traditional language) led by a friend of Giovanni's childhood while preparing a huge blow. Then he fled. The store manager gives you a Master Ball to thank you for clearing out the bad guys.

You can purchase the villa (Liquid Crystal eye blink) right for the amount of $300000pk.

Fight against the karate gym. Then, defeat Chuck who gives you a mega gem after.
Thereafter, enter the ice cave east. Olga/Lorelei awaits you and offers a mega gem if she loses. Nothing else to report in this cave, so you can continue your way to the exit located to the right of the cave.

Arriving in Cooper City, you were told by a police officer that Team Rocket is hiding somewhere in the city.
You can enter the Copper Lighthouse where there are several floors and you can see Kanto but also where we can confront blockers. One of them offers a mega gem.
A school and a ferry station are also present in the city.
At the heart of the city, Leaf intends to challenge you and this time she has 6 starter Pokémons. Once she is beaten, Blue confronts you and says he lost against Leaf.
At the forefront, Mihawk master confronts you and offers you a ticket to a distant island ...

One of the team rocket grunts is hiding next to a building and battles you. When he loses, he gives you the key to the warehouse.
You enter the warehouse and you battle the grunts : They come from the gathering of teams from other regions that fall under the banner of the rocket team. In the end, we find the admins (Rocket and Saturn*). We must face them both, and they desert the warehouse following a crushing defeat. Before leaving, they tell you that Giovanni will join them once they have taken the north and the radio tower, then the "plane CLOUD "can begin.
* Team Saturn is a subsidiary of the sinnoh's team Galactic.

Route Emerald and Emerald Tower: You meet Agatha, and she challenges you. She says she comes to see you, and Chen said that this tower is an ancient symbolic tower in honor of the Pokémon of Heaven but now it became a radio station. She offers a bus card 1 after your victory.

Inside,you find the teacher who came to Chen exclusive radio address, but he was captured by Team Rocket / Saturn. Blue and Leaf arrive, and everyone looks after the admin. Then, the boss arrives. His name is Kain. Blue and Leaf take them while you battle the last grunt. But they lose. Fortunately, they prefer to take flight while taking with them Prof. Chen.
Agatha decides to return to tell Peter what's going on here. (Not scripted for now) On one of the peninsulas, a wise old man tells you about Rayquaza and the tower.
On another peninsula, Flora (May) confronts you with a team of six Pokémons from Hoenn. She offers you a ticket to a distant island

Choose: Go north or west.
Left: Oak Labyrinth. Nothing in particular. Brendan challenges you and seeks Flora.
Top left: Goldtown and Casino. At the entrance of the casino, an anonymous Rocket member is blocking your road and defies you in the casino. You learn that this casino belongs to the team R. This woman is actually Venus, the new leader of the team Saturn.
In one house, an old man tells you the history of the Mount to the west, another talks about the history of the legendary ground and kyogre in the region, and another says that the water in the middle of Goldtown is the remnant of a lake created by kyogre long ago. One last old person talking about the name of the region. We find a market or the gentleman sells TM.

The large building is a private tournament against ninjas. "Dojo Hattori" is the name of their leader.
Arrival in SilverCity at the north and BauxiVille (Northwest):
Silver City: Arsenal: The grunts of Team Saturn are collecting information about Kyogre in the building. Council is also found in SC Aldo 4 which is a pilgrimage with his family before climbing the Mount d'Or. He challenges you and you learn the news. He decides to go on to Mount d'Or to train and be ready when the time comes.

You find his family in one of the houses. You will learn that Chuck and Aldo are childhood rivals and they grew up on the island before leaving each to their way. Aldo's father challenges you and gives you a shiny Charmander.
You then turn west towards Bauxiville. Venusaur park is found south east of the city.
The master Norris is on the small square and challenges you. After, he offers you a mega gem.
Ondine/Misty is on deck and tells you that she came to visit the lighthouse after the competition at the Empoleon pool. But it is closed, so he challenges you. She offers her mega gem and advises you to go to the pool where the best water trainers are found.

You go to the pool, and trainers challenge you.

Goldtown winding road heads towards the west and a city: Red Town. It could be able to see the terrible "God" ShinGoku who is meditate at the waterfall. In Gold town You have also a castle. I suggest to fight them now!

In the background, you will find the Mont Rouge.

We pass on the cliff road west of Bauxiville. You can see the Tanko waterfall. Brock challenge you right next to the falls. He offers his mega gem.
Even more to the west, the emerald forest where we find Blue at the lakeside. He cannot find any clue to the team rocket and wants to challenge you because he does not understand how he could be humiliated in his last fight. He loses and you get a bus card.
Go see also houses pines: a man teaches you the ultimate techniques.
Still further west, Steel city: Brendan is there and prevents you from going to the steam cave/Vapor Grotto. He tells you that the bridge is open to the south. At the town, Koga offers his mega gem. Several buildings: A Casino (Casino Miaouss) A combat restaurant, a theater (Pichu'Show Stadium) and a luxury hotel (Grand Hotel Snorlax).

The Team Rocket is in the hotel ... to welcome the return of Giovanni !!! While spying, you discover that CLOUD: The plan is to attract Kyogre and Groudon to unleash Rayquaza which comes from the nearby Hoenn to stop them.
The problem is that it is too strong and therefore Giovanni gets Mewtwo. He wants Mewtwo to be able to control Rayquaza. Then, he will use mega developments on them. The end of the deal would be to share: Rayquaza would go to Team Rocket and Mewtwo to Team Saturn. With Rayquaza, they would have the ultimate weapon through his power, and they could control the weather and create drought or flooding stress at will.
Giovanni objects! He says he does not want to hear the name of Mewtwo and declares with his training he became able to fight even legendary pokemons. Immediately after, you will find and make the two adversaries decided to confront you, but Giovanni says he wants to face you alone and he will beat you! After winning, you get the bus ticket 3. You find yourself in a house with the daughter of Koga, from Steel City, who came to your rescue. Koga then arrives in the home and ensure that you are well.
He tells you he heard a loud noise at the west.
Auditorium at Steel city kimono with the sisters (Johto): a room rune win.
So you hurry and go to Pirytown.
You take the jade bridge or a succession of trainers await you.
After Leaf and Brendan tell you that large waves raged over the city, Erika and Lt.
Surge were at the tournament and have seen the storm.
Surge said to you that jade cave is open and Team Rocket entered it.
You say that you are in charge, but he does not believe you are capable and wants to make sure of your strength.
He challenges you and offers a mega gem.
In the cave is Kyogre and TR Giovanni.
They try to unleash it to capture.
You watch helplessly the success of Giovanni while you take care of the admins.
Then, you go to help Blue at Kobalt Lake.
You get into the warehouse with a key, and there are grunts of the 2 teams.
When you get to Boss Giovanni and Kain, they challenge you, Peter and Mermaid arrive accompanied by Giovanni.
Leaf and you face them.
They fled leaving Prof.
Chen who tells you they go to Mont d'Or to trigger the arrival of Groudon.
Blue and Chen return to Kanto because they are too weak.
You go to the mountain (access unlocking script has the mountain).
Going to the south, you get to Kobalt City.
The foot of the mountain is inaccessible.
One of the stores includes full sales letter, another specializes in berries, another sells bicycles, and finally the herbalist who sells all herbs.
A villa is also available to buy ($ 500000pk).
A Red River Cascade and Mangan A shopping center (2nd of the island) and Blue are present.
Blue tells you he is going to go to the central island of the lake because he believes the rocket are going to Steel City.
You can challenge Morgan at the waterfront.
He offers a Mega gem.
Members of the league team help you.
You manage boss Kain who loses despite the fact that he just captured Groudon before your eyes.
Groudon and Kyogre are released by Giovanni who triggers the arrival of Rayquaza.
Giovanni uses a Master Ball recovered at Opal city.
Kain, then, releases the captured Rayquaza to use his Rayquazaite.
Giovanni challenges you.
You win, the bad guys go away and disperse in legendary places.
Giovanni has seen its Rayquazaite and Rayquaza while Leaf gives you the Mewtwoite that Kain had.

SCENARIO : The Way of the Shogun

World tournament : Chenal west to an island, Spruce Island, with its center in a room or place on PWT: the Tyranyt'arena.
Nothing special about the island except a few shops and a Pokémon Center.
We are told that ShinGoku and Shogun are rivals and still have the same number of wins and losses in their confrontations.
Leaving Jade Town westward via the channel, we arrive at Yellow Island, nothing but a healer in a house, ranchers, and the Hojo clan (Chateau Mirokarosu (Milotic)).
Fight Hojo to get your first sword and become a "Yari".
The village is on two islands.
We arrive at the Blue Island.
Presence of Fushigibana Iftown (Venusaur) (shimazu clan).
Presence of the Pokemon Center.
We go back to a "road to puddle" and crosses Ash Ketchum with his Pikachu, who trains exploiting the surrounding water.
He offers you a pass ferry to access the Ile Blanche / White Island.
Then, we arrive in Oak Town and ferry station.
The ferry takes you to the first snowy island of the game : White Island.
You come to the west of White Island, Pine Town, ferry station.
There is a mart and a Pokemon Center.
To the north is the forest and is a route to the frozen lake.
Arrival at The drill FirForest and Hamlet.
To the east, the Takeda clan and their castle called Bashamo (Blaziken).
North of the castle, the valley Yukino (Abomasnow).
Go through if you want to go to the Imagawa Clan Chateau Denryu (Ampharos) A victory unlocks access to Green Island, but you also move to the samurai hierarchy.
Arriving by northern island green at the ferry station, you see a PC and a Pokemart.
The village is Walnut Town.
Further south-west, Mapple Town inhabited by Prof Chen / Prof Oak.
East of Mapple Town is Elm Town.
Amidst the road stands a white mountain called Mount Elm.
We continue south to the capital of the archipelago: Mangan City and Mount Mangan.
Bus station and poke center + Pokemart + the castle of Emperor Shogun, the castle Bakufun (Typhlosion), but Shogun is absent at the moment because he went to Raichu power plant.
Also, the Dragonite tower / Kairyu Tower can be seen.
Climb Mount Mangan west to reach the cable car back down to Aspen City.
During your journey to the west, you'll be likely to find a small island to the north.
You must capture Heatran to complete this scenario.
After managing to cross to the other side of the mountain via the cable car, you reach a town cut in two: Aspen and Aspen Rock Lake, where you can find a house for sale but not very expensive.
To the north is a small castle belonging to the Uesugi Clan: Chateau Erureido (Gallade).
Your reward will be the title of "".
To the west is the suspended road and the Central Raichu.
Inside the latter, the Emperor finds you.
Once arrested, you are returning to his castle for a challenge.
We arrive at the last city, Usokki Town (Sudowoodo Town) with its Pokecenter and bus station.
Note that the G bus card is given to you by the Emperor in the final script, so you are forced to walk the other way.
We go to defy the emperor* who you defeated once and said that you are not emperor.
Indeed, to prove your talents to the people you need to capture the Pokemon symbol of Mangan islands: Heatran.
Once captured, you must go back to the emperor.
You then become official, Emperor .
!!! * If you haven't fight in the last castle who is in Red town (explained in this walktrough), the guard will not disappear!


Important note : This extension is a true open world.
In other words, you can go where you want at start and realize the scenario in the order you prefer.
However, the "main part" of the storylines is a linear/classic storylines.
In the conquest part, the objective is catching cities.
You need to finish the alternative story and the conquest part to start the chapter XI.
Shogun, when he designated you as Emperor learns a terrible news: He explains that the clan want to reverse time.
Your clan became very fragile and this is why the seven samurais on the islands for Sevii seek reinforcements.
He offers Lokh'pass then for you to visit the island Purple.
He added that one of his subordinates will explain what you need to know on the spot.
You board the green island ferry.
Once there, one of the seven samurais receives you, this is Max.
Max explains that this is a new area, h3ided into two, led by clan Date and that there is a system ferry.
Quick going on the main island.
Update your card to Mariville and vice versa.
Here the only language is the traditional language(=french).
He adds that the seven samurai and daimyo are to constitute your personal army and you must go with him on the main island.
Arrival in Mariville: you learn from Seven Samurai (two of them take you into a house) that access to the castle is blocked and that in any case you are not powerful enough to take control of it above.
They advise you to go to Bourg d'or Heatran which is a set of farms (farms tournegrins) protected by samurai Date.
He would like you to take possession of this point of control to impede the supply of the region and provide a port of call another samurai clan.
Simply beat the present samurais, one of them tells you he must inform the base to the west.
Bourg d'Heatran: You defeat samurai guarding farms.
The city is then released.
So you head west to Tarinopolis.
This city has an airport.
In the center of bled samurai clash and one of the seven (Masamune) tells you how to find house where the commander resides as he takes hostage a senior airline "Air Altaria".
You search the houses and there are bad guys that you face until you find the right villain.
When you find their commander, General Date Terumune, he battles you and loses, he decides to flee in shame.
The senior thanks you and hands you his card Altaria air allowing you to access the service.
With you can go to passerouge on corayon.
(You also receive the cool Berry) WARNING ! New transportation card system.
Now they are updated and so there is only one card.
North west access to the reserve Frisson : In this area carpets that capture enemy soldiers / poaching of protected species of Pokémon, you clear them off.
A thrill village, the reserve goalkeeper thanks you and hands you an egg from a shiny Pokemon (swablu).
The houses are destitute of their owner.
That's what you learn from two of the seven samurais at the entrance of the village.
That is your mission.
They make homes by removing residents.
Unfortunately wanting to do you, one on one with the General Jin Date.
You break her face and decided to inform the master of the clan.
You learn while their leader is called Masamune Date, it would be defeated once (according to legend) and shogun ShinGoku 1vs1vs1 in a duel.
Once defeated, he goes away and his troops follow.
One of the seven samurais (Max) then gives you a Pokegear and gives you the bay guard by the general robustness.
This device can join the other members of the seven groups.
The assault is launched on a northwest city: Metallocean.
The seven samurais tell you that this city could be a superb base for the clan if you capture.
So you go to the castle (unlocked access to the end of Act 1) and beat the General Date Muratoyo.
On leaving, the seven Samurais welcome you and update your maps (+ ferry flight) + offer beauty bay.
Suddenly the fog lifts, an earthquake occurs and you fight against Masamune Date.
You win and the fog dissipates.
You are then teleported in one of the houses of the city.
Shogun is watching you and asks if you are okay.
He tells you the prologue and Max intervenes and tells you it has been decided that the city would have your name in your honor.
The act begins at Mount Charmander/Salameche which is the unblocked access.
Before, a man blocked this place because the current was too strong.
Samurais are positioned on the island.
The seven samurais are scattered but Max is waiting downstairs with Musashi.
They tell you that above the Tower Charmander: a center of worship and a very symbolically important place for Pokemon.
A great battle takes place with many samurais.
You make your way to the top, but before entering, Leaf appears and begs you to stop what you are doing.
You do not save lives on the contrary you make war.
She apologizes and confronts you out of spite but obviously you win.
The samurai are furious and want to imprison but prefer to let fleeing.
You can then enter the tower and find there (only 1 floor) a general and Masamune Date (surprised arrival!).
Shogun bursts (in fact it is already in full waffle) and then undertakes a long dialogue with Date Masamune.
Date Masamune: You sold your place because you see new hope in this kid but see reality in the face, your clan is long dead.
Shogun: I have waited for this day for so many years, the day I will have my revenge.
There is an earthquake and a fight broke out between the two.
General Hideo Date defies you.
But you win.
Shogun is assisted by Seven Samurai (actually they will remain in the room and say you should approach them!) Do not take advantage.
Date nevertheless takes.
The mist disappears.
The city is captured and you receive the Grace Bay.
A Dracopolis capital Clan date, you need to storm the tower and Masamune Takano is fighting but there is nobody but minions.
Max teleports you to the summit at the exit and the mist rises.
You understand what this means and then you engage the fight and you win.
The mist disappears.
City is captured.
Name changed to [Player name].
You go to the puy Magmar, you climb up to the resort.
Inside is Blue, Ash Ketchum, .
and also ShinGoku! They are there with the seven samurais.
The seven samurais prevent forward and tells that Blue and Leaf told them everything and they came immediately with Ash to beg you to stop.
You refuse and face Ash.
You win.
So you are about to face Blue, ShinGoku appears and explains that this war will never cease.
Shogun knows and he sacrifices to his place.
He asks you to think about this.
You refuse, ShinGoku confronts you.
You win and when you want to face Blue, Max retains and directs you to hurry.
You go up to the next floor and beat up Masamune Date.
The owner of the station updates your pass air as gifts.
You can finally reach the mountain and Indigo Blizzaville.
In this city, you will find a General Date Hiromune who tells you he wants you to delay the ascension to Masamune to finish his plan.
You break the figure in general and the others are dealing with samurai minions.
Once beaten, the city is captured, and the way to the top is unlocked.
Then commits the ultimate arc .
You get to the top and see Masamune Date Against Shogun .
and Dialga! The seven samurais are also there.
Date attacks six samurais and they are no longer able to fight.
The problem is that you are also affected! Fortunately, Dragon arrives (see below).
Dragon will be found in the final story arc when fighting against Dialga.
He will protect Dialga, but Peter arrives and then takes the opportunity to involve his father.
They will be destroyed by an attack of Masamune which will make Dialga angry because Peter and the whole story will be revealed to him.
Then undertakes an intense fight between Peter and Date.
Peter cannot fight but thankfully this has left you time to recover and you're ready to face date.
This time you are beaten.
Date fought and has more Pokemon.
He was about to play but Shogun takes the sword and a duel starts.
A flash and the two men are defeated !!! ShinGoku is coming to get between the two.
It's over and you are teleported.
It appears that you are teleported one week later.
Marowak cemetery: a ceremony held in honor of the Dragon and Shogun and Samurai presence, etc .
It gives you the Genesis bay.
* Access possible after completing all previous chapters + Completion of Chapter XIII and captured all the cities.
Opal Cave City (Opal Cave) appears at north and you can cross it (little cave).
On leaving, you have a road that follows the river and a cable car that takes you up a mountain.
You find yourself at the edge of a village.
On the side is a road that climbs around the village and that can happen to a mountain refuge or is Shingoku.
You will find it and asks you to do "what needs to be done outside.
" You go out, it starts to rain, and you battle to avenge Shogun and he agrees to do the "harakiri" (basically it releases its pokemons he does not suicide eh!).
He says that now he will return to his farm to live in total disgrace but thanks you for your surprise.
CHAPTER XIII (alternative story) : DRAGON
Kyogre-Sur-Mer: You meet Peter who tells you that the board 4 disapprove of what you’ve made but turn a blind eye if you find one that is called "Dragon".
It does not tell you over and disappears.
Dragon is at Anchwatt Lake and only appears after the argument with Peter.
This man knows who you are and says he knows who sent you and why you are there.
He challenges you without explanation.
You fight the Dragon and then Peter appears.
An altercation occurs between the two men.
But dragon fled and Peter is enraged.
He swears he will find that this time and no one will block his way.
"Maybe Cecil can help me?," said Peter.
Cecil is at Gyarados Lake and gives you information on Dragon: Dragon Clan was at the head of dracologues Blackthorn City.
Through him we find Sandra.
Cecil was her father, she said.
Cecil says that they are the three survivors of the Dragon massacre by orchestra as Cecil's brother Peter Dragon and is the son of Dragon.
He adds that because of the massacre, some desired dracologues overthrow the clan and form an alliance that would aim to control the legendary Dragons.
Dragon happens to destroy the clan.
Obviously Peter does not know as to Cecil swore he did not say anything to Peter.
"CONQUEST" PART: This section aims to undo the garrisons of general and samurai who control the cities.
Some cities have not yet been made but do not fear, the game is still finishable.
Kyogre Sur Mer : At the Emerald route, a man said to be scoping mission for the Alpha team.
Alpha team is only a section of mercenaries who joined the clan Date in order to get the beef.
In exchange, they conduct exploration missions.
The leader of this h3ision is Omicron.
You battle with Kyogre and Sea.
It is at the Emerald Route where the guys faced.
He explains everything that has been said.
Once defeated, the city is released.
Bulbibourg : meeting with the four brothers and Rocket unites.
They attempt to burn the village but you prevent them.
Central Dynavolt : 4 Rockets brothers (second meeting).
You surprise them inside and they challenge you.
After their defeat, they go and say it is not over yet .
Caratroc : Nothing yet, it is a place full of mystery and no one knows who put the stones on the ground.
Tourists faced around the site SYSTEM FOR UPGRADING CERTAIN SPECIAL POKEMON Glaceon and Leafeon in the future ??? Regiville : you find Kikuchiyo Date surrounded to capture him.
You learn that Kikuchiyo was there to capture the city but some of them were soldiers by surprise.
You came to his aid and beat 2 Samurais.
The third fled.
The city is captured.
Roitiville : the city is deserted.
Max is present.
He says he finds it suspicious.
Inside one of the houses are hidden troops.
They take you by surprise when you come into the house and attack you.
You take care of the general and deal with henchmen.
After the match, the characters reappear in the village.
Yveltal - le haut : there is a training area where samurais are training.
You are "disturbing" them and the village is conquered.
The general is Hisamune date.
In the end, your Altaria air card is updated.
Deopolis : A group of biker opposes Date Garrison.
You help and relieve the city.
One of the bikers thanks you and agreed to join your troops.
He appears at the capital.
There is also a shopping center.
Carmache sur Mer : Battle on the bridge.
A soldier fighting flopped, you battle your way to the heart of the battle (some are scripted to attack, so be careful) and at the heart of the battle you find Tokugawa ailing against General Date Shuyu.
Fortunately, you intervene and after your victory it seems that a great battle has been won.
At the end, your pass ferry is updated.
Great battles have a flag that update some crap NPCs.
Hypo-Le-Roi : is two generals Date are brothers Tomomune and Fujiwara.
The first is at the top of the lighthouse and the Kingdra second in the building is the headquarters of Lapras Ferry rating.
If you beat them you conquer the corn.
The seven samurais thank you because it is a major strategic maritime position.
This updates the available objects Hdv in the capital.
Etourville : it tells the story of the cemetery and the Battle On Marowak.
Max explains that the cemetery: Clan Shogun is denied access by the Date clan and that it is the general Date Yoshimura.
If you beat him, the village is free.
Your ferry pass is updated.
Majaspic-Le-Haut : a castle where you can challenge the general Date Muneto that controls the city.
Bastiodon mine is closed until after the capital and access is possible.
You and the seven samurais (all) cast an infiltration attack in the mine because there would be a secret lab in this abandoned mine.
You fight the different minions guarding then get to the secret room but you need to go through a maze.
You then discover with amazement that this lab develops false berries trying to imitate their power to strengthen the army.
You fight scientists and the head of the lab (the guy from the island 5?).
They realize and accept to work for you (posting message in a mart in your capital to sell the few products).
But soon after you receive a call on your Pokegear, "I know who you are .
This is actually Masamune Date in person but you do not know it yet.
When Date arrives on the battlefield there is always a mist that rises.
Hypocean : This frame is a former samurai Date who is in the city.
You are trying to find him.
When you find him, he takes you to one of the Dates and he challenges you.
You beat and they understand that you are nice.
He agrees to help you and joins your troops at the capital as a healer in the pokehospital.
(Massage happiness?).
If you go to Lamperoie or to Remoraid sur Mer, you have to cross the desert of Flygon.
The 2 villagers are with some garrison units and one of them wants to fight to become general, however he loses and understands that this war has no sense.
These two samurais are released.
Passerouge-Sur-Corayon : blocks access to the mountain but not the bike path or to the airport.
This city is controlled by general Tanemune Date.
There are garrisons on the bike path.
Your mission is to defeat the garrisons to free the bike path.
Starting with the control station where the general location is accessible, released before the door is one of the seven samurais (Max) who tells you they released access.
You go and before you confront, he remains surprised that you're just a kid, he challenges you and humiliate you while two (kojiro and musashi) of the seven samurais do the rest.
After the fight, the general information is revealed.
Then he disappears.
Your Air Altaria Pass is updated.


This extension takes place in Johto.
You can start it when you become the new emperor of Mangan.
These quest are not connected or only partially.
To start a quest, go to Kairyu Tower in Mangan City.
Peter has a query.
He wants you to assess for himself the new league, Johto.
He explains that to be more competitive compared to Kanto, teams of champions reworked.
He wishes you and your rival (we'll call Blue) to test for him the arenas (8 in number).
Blue is also present.
He will challenge you along your way.
Reward: Villa + Super Sweet Trophy in the city of Johto + all the gifts sent by the Gym leader.
Cynthia accompanies Chen who informs you that strange things are happening in Johto.
Cynthia explains that many Pokemons in the region, legendary, have been seen in the area suddenly.
Chen was contacted by Cynthia to be able to learn about the behavior of Pokémon and he did not answer.
In addition, he works at the tower and never saw any strange element.
Added to this, she has heard from informants that members of the Saturn/Galactic Team went to the area.
Strange coincidence.
Chen, therefore, asks you to head to his counterpart, Prof.
You go there.
Elm is accompanied by Gold.
We remain in the same quest but the goal is new.
Now Elm told you the latest info that a crescent-shaped Pokemon would be installed in the Tower Sprut.
You go there.
On the way, you will find the master berries, but also the home of the guide.
He wrote various books (on the legendary Gold + the new transport system + on safari).
Upon arrival to Tower Sprut is Silver with Gold and both discuss what they have seen: the members of the team Rocket! They do not understand.
Silver is present (make sure that we do not already meet).
He says he will help you punish the Team Rocket.
You climb and battle Rocket grunts.
At the top is a mysterious Pokémon : Cresselia.
But also old friends: Venus, Rocket, and brothers! You link with a pause between the 2 groups.
However, you observe between the two helpless Venus and Cresselia that they are controlled by a strange object.
You battle and win.
Silver took the opportunity to capture the Pokémon and give you because for him it was you who alone managed the situation.
You come out .
and Chen Elm + Silver + Gold are there.
You explain the situation.
End of the Quest.
Reward: Cresselia + Unlock the quest "The HERISSON"
This quest starts when you go talk to Cynthia at Slowpoke Well in Azalea.
You tell her what happened.
She explains that in her view, a union between Team Rocket and Team Galactic are trying to attract the legendary Pokemon in the same area to capture them more easily.
She added that in her opinion, the legendary Shaymin would be in the forest to the west.
According to her, you must capture before bad people will do it.
You go there, But surprise !!! The Saturn Team is already there! And it's not Venus which is open but other members.
At one point, they manage to capture you and teleport in a house (in Goldenrod City).
You wake up and they are about to ask you but then your friends come : Cynthia and Ash.
Ash said that Chen asked him to help you in your mission as it might be longer and more complex than expected.
He occupies one of the admins and you take care of the boss.
You recover Shaymin.
To congratulate you, Ash gives you the Metro map.
Cynthia decides she must return the Pokémon to you.
End of the Quest.
Reward: unlocks the Metro + Shaymin + Unlock the quest "THE LAME"
This quest is at the west of the farm MooMoo on a new map.
To enable it, you must go to Kairyu.
Oak / Chen, who throws you the mission, said the legendary Pokémon Keldeo would be in an area close to the MooMoo farm.
He would dream of being able to study it because it has the ability to change shape.
But it is a dangerous area and marshy.
Therefore he can not venture there himself.
He asks you to get there.
You go there, but a farmer blocks access because he is lying on the ground.
Indeed, four men would be presented and would have wanted to cross his fields but the farmer is away and they then rushed shots as a revenge.
He will not move if you do not bring him magic herbs and asks you to go to recover Cianwood City.
You go there and surprise! You find your friends and the Saturn / Galactic Team! It is this terrible coincidence which allows you to kick their ass! You benefit to get the medication.
Another surprise: You back out and Ash, Gold, and Silver are there and they are furious because they had ruined their trail! You summarized their side of the situation Meumeu.
They then think that two teams trying a shot at the same time you can not be present on both fronts simultaneously.
Ash goes to the MooMoo farm while Silver and Gold tries to find the trail of the enemies.
You give the cure for the old and he frees access.
You progress but grunts bother you the way as usual .
Deep in thes, Ash is surrounded by the Rockets.
He cannot fight at all and you come to his aid.
After having beaten all, Keldeo is released and turns to you and you see it come to you to get caught.
You understand that he was drugged and you enjoy taking him to Chen.
Immediately after, an earthquake and a sound! Silver think it comes from a whirlpool .
You know your next destination.
Reward: Keldeo + Unlock the quest "THE DROP OF WATER"
At the whirlpool place, you face Saturn and break his *****.
After the cave, you get Manaphy.
You come out (you find your 3 friends Ash, Silver, and Gold) and suddenly a violent earthquake occurs, the snow begins to fall, and freezing cold occurs.
Palkia has changed the alignment and orientation of the planets! The beginning of the end starts!!! Reward: + Manaphy unlock the quest "SNOW"
Gold is contacted directly via his Pokegear by Cynthia.
She asks everyone to go to the Goldenrod City Radio Tower immediately.
You go there and at the first floor, Cynthia and Chen / Oak are there.
They confirm that the bad guys use the radio, but they were disguised as employees during that time.
Beat them all! The Rockets are beaten, abandoned, and are arrested by the police.
Others flee to Ecruteak City.
At the Tin Tower in Ecruteak City and on top of it, Palkia invests the scene for the occasion.
You battle it and once captured, the bad guys arrive.
But it is too late for them and they fail! Thus, ending this quest.
It was Dr.
Fuji and Blaine, who give you the quest to Kairyu Tower.
They tell you they formerly worked in the Cinnabar Island mansion to do research on Mewtwo.
They explain that some men had left the project along the way to try their hand in another lab.
Blaine sought to find the lab but failed.
They ask you to find it for them and then destroy all materials therein to prevent a potentially new project to be revived in the future.
The lab is located in a hidden cave at the middle of Lake of Rage.
Once found, you enter into a huge laboratory where.
Rockets are! You discover that the lab has never stopped working and you have to fight all of these scientists and Rockets.
At the end is the project leader "Mewtwo 2.
You fight it (it is not very strong) but he decides to use his unusual candies for Mewtwo to evolve into a completely new form! You rematch and win again.
You then try to capture Mewtwo, but he fled .
You get the documents and read.
One of them says that they have created the Mewtwonite but Mewtwo could also evolve through experience.
You destroy the documents.
Go back to Tower Kairyu to receive some of your rewards.
Reward: Mewtwo appears on a small island between Olivine and Goldenrod City.
Lvl 80, not Mega evolved.
Blaine and Dr.
Fuji give you boost items (pp up * 5) * Mewtwo evolves to Mewtwo Y at lvl 90.
Available only after completing the archipelago Azur! Cecil asks you to go to Dragonite Tower / Tower Kairyu to do him a favor.
He explains that in the will of the Dragon, it says "I wish the clan will reborn from the ashes.
" He then explains to have understood that, contrary to what he thought, Dragon did not destroy the clan because he wished for the clan and under the pretext that there would be traitors within the clan, but on the contrary, he wanted the Dragon clan to continue, and he destroyed his clan only to protect him and he made sure that he never went off.
But his son, Peter / Lance has never understood that.
He then asks you to reform the clan.
For this, he asks you to go to Dragon's Den, the mark of the clan and solve the mystery of the front door (it would be a door & you should speak draconic language).
This door would offer you access to a room, but the front door is Sandra, the daughter of Cecil.
It opposes cursing as only a true draconnier has the right to do so and she confronts you.
After your victory, she lets you pass.
She turns and speaks draconic, imitating a cry of a Pokémon and then you hear the door open and .
you meet Reshiram! The Pokémon wakes up and is ready to challenge you, but that moment arises Peter throwing a Master Ball and captures the beast.
He knows what you're up to and certainly do not want the return of the clan.
Even less by an illegitimate inh3idual with whom he had confidence.
He feels betrayed and attack you with the recently captured dragon.
At the end of the battle, Cecil arrives and trade extensively with both of you.
Peter recognizes his errors, he finally understands what his father had wanted.
He kneels before you and gives you the Master Ball containing Reshiram.
The clan is reborn from the ashes .
Reward: Reshiram + unlock the quest "The Dragon Duo"
Cecil launches the quest to the "House of the Dragon" in Blackthorn City.
He explains that Reshiram is the member of the Dragon Duo.
The second lies at Mt.
We must go there and capture it.
Why? >>> Because some people are afraid of the clan, and they will try to crush you.
To establish your authority, you need to capture him.
Then a mysterious man popped into the house: He does not show but Cecil is shocked and lets out a "Shin .
!" The man speaks with Cecil and said: "It's been is it not?" Cecil: "How can you be alive?!?" Shin .
: "You really think he could have Ahahaha And it is that ???!" Cecil: "He's [Player], it was he who killed the Dragon .
and who just reborn the clan.
" Shin: "W-What ?? !!?" Shinryu : "Listen to me both of you: 10 days! In 10 days, the clan will be destroyed .
Definitely !!!.
" He disappears.
You demand an explanation.
Cecil explains that he is called Shinryu.
He is the chief of Clan Mutineers Acessoirement Date and he was the best friend of the Dragon.
Cecil thought the Dragon was killed but were feeling due to take over.
You must arrange an appointment at Mount Silver but .
Surprise! Shinryu knew you would come.
Peter is waiting at the mountain and says Cecil asked him to help.
He disappears.
You face all the henchmen present in the mountain to reach the summit.
There are Peter and Shinryu.
The first is in very poor condition.
Shinryu confronts you and you beat him.
The ultimate rebellion is destroyed and Zekrom is released.
You get it back.
Final blah.
Reward: Zekrom + title clan chief in the villa + Johto trophy


FINAL CHAPTER OF THE ENTIRE GAME : "REBIRTH" This chapter is only available after completing all the 22 chapters of the game.
It will take place in Johto, more exactly in a new area.
Shogun starts the quest at Kairyu Tower.
The denouement of the story takes place in a secret city, Lotus City, former home port of the Shogunate on the continent.
This city is located south of the mountains, west of Johto, north of the Safari Zone.
It is also the only way to access the area.
In fact, you must go to the Safari Zone.
You will find at the entrance of the park : a house where you can see it conceals a path.
You go in the house and a man blocks the way.
He asks you this question: "What is the color of the Henry IV Yellow Rapidash, is it pink?" Say "yes" and the man lets you pass.
Taking up the summary of the history of the city (told by the lcoals).
One day, ninjas rebelled and recovered the city.
Today, a tyrant controls the city and imposes an isolated dictatorship.
This city is cut off from the world and sink into poverty.
Your goal: to free the population that knows nothing of the outside world and consider you an enemy of their supreme leader, the ninja Sarutobi.
Your enemies are ninjas.
The city consists of "ninja houses".
Each house is a clan.
You will have to convince their masters to preach the gospel and encourage them to revolt.
Once all are assembled, an assault is launched to the castle and breaks the ***** of everyone including the supreme leader.
But he fled to the mountains.
A house will be available for sale, as well as special products : Only once the city is united under your name.
A reward awaits: 10 pp up + 10 + 5 * super candies each capsules.
A mountain road at the north is released with a temple at the end and in between a road (road blossom) and village (Blossom Town).
Nothing special in this place.
In the temple are the last soldiers of the supreme leader.
You arrive and fight in a cave hidden behind a door of the temple.
There is the leader.
He tells you that his village, he can never get it back now.
And he knew your presence at the village just before arrival.
He explains that men claiming as Galactic Team were defeated.
You had announced him the bad omen and concluded a deal with him.
They protect him and he offers his legendary Pokémon (Palkia) in exchange for which he holds you and draws you in that cave for you to capture.
They catch you and knock you just before they show you.
They will make you lose your memory and they will take you as a hostage.
Bill and Chen recover your Pokémon, and they are already in the possession of a black hole.
You lose your memory and all your Pokémon are released.
* The wicked see it as a perfect opportunity to try their luck and grow without end in their way.

Download Pokemon Cloud White
by Shogun a.k.a Maxcollet72 and Ledxil for the translation

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dragon Ball Z Team Training - Item, Cheat codes, Moves, .....

Dragon Ball Z Team Training

-Pokemons are replaced by "fighters". There are 140 fighters in this game.

Fighter list:
Goku (lvl.16 -> SSJ Goku)
SSJ Goku (lvl.36 -> SSJ3 Goku)
SSJ3 Goku (ape tail -> SSJ4 Goku / god stone -> SSJ God Goku)
Vegeta (lvl.16 -> SSJ Vegeta)
SSJ Vegeta (lvl.36 -> Majin Vegeta)
Majin Vegeta (ape tail -> SSJ4 Vegeta / god stone -> SSJ God Vegeta)
Gohan (lvl.16 -> SSJ Gohan)
SSJ Gohan (lvl.36 -> Ultimate Gohan)
Ultimate Gohan (god stone -> SSJ God Gohan)
Piccolo (lvl.20 -> Super Piccolo)
Super Piccolo
Bear Thief
King Piccolo
Raditz (moon stone -> Oosaru)
Nappa (moon stone -> Oosaru)
Turles (moon stone -> Oosaru)
Bardock (moon stone -> Oosaru/ lvl.25 -> SSJ Bardock)
SSJ Bardock
King Vegeta (moon stone -> Oosaru)
Kid Gohan (moon stone -> Oosaru)
Oosaru (lvl.45 -> Golden Oosaru)
Golden Oosaru
Zarbon (lvl.25 -> Zarbon 2)
Zarbon 2
Frieza (lvl.16 -> Frieza 2)
Frieza 2 (lvl.24 -> Frieza 3)
Frieza 3 (lvl.30 -> Frieza 4)
Frieza 4 (lvl.50 ->Golden Frieza)
Cooler (lvl.30 -> Super Cooler)
Super Cooler (metal coat -> Metal Cooler)
Metal Cooler
Garlic (lvl.28 -> Garlic 2)
Garlic 2
C-13 (lvl.30 -> Super C-13)
Super C-13
Bug Cell (lvl.24 -> Imperfect Cell)
Imperfect Cell (lvl.33 -> Perfect Cell)
Perfect Cell
Cell Jr.
Broly (lvl.25 -> SSJ Broly)
SSJ Broly (lvl.36 -> LSSJ Broly)
LSSJ Broly
Bojack (lvl.32 -> Bojack 2)
Bojack 2
Future Trunks (lvl.16 -> SSJ F. Trunks)
SSJ Future Trunks
Teen Gohan (lvl.16 -> SSJ teen Gohan)
SSJ teen Gohan (lvl.34 -> SSJ2 Gohan)
SSJ2 Gohan
Pui Pui
Majin Buu (lvl.25 -> Evil Buu)
Evil Buu (lvl.38 -> Super Buu)
Super Buu (lvl.45 -> Kid Buu)
Kid Buu
Janemba (lvl.45 -> Super Janemba)
Super Janemba
Hirudegarn (lvl.50 -> Hirudegarn 2)
Hirudegarn 2
Goten (lvl.16 -> SSJ Goten)
SSJ Goten
Trunks (lvl.16 -> SSJ Trunks)
SSJ Trunks
Gotenks (lvl.23 -> SSJ Gotenks)
SSJ Gotenks (lvl.38 -> SSJ3 Gotenks)
SSJ3 Gotenks
Gogeta (lvl.30 -> SSJ Gogeta)
SSJ Gogeta
Vegeto (lvl.30 -> SSJ Vegeto)
SSJ Vegeto (god stone -> SSJ Blue Vegeto)
Golden Frieza
Black (lvl.55 -> SSR Black)
SSR Black
Zamasu (lvl.55 -> Merged Zamasu)
Merged Zamasu
Uub (lvl.35 -> Super Uub)
Super Uub
Rild (lvl.40 -> Mega Rild)
Mega Rild (metal coat -> Metal Rild)
Metal Rild
Baby (lvl.40 -> Baby Vegeta)
Baby Vegeta
Super C-17
SSJ4 Goku
SSJ4 Vegeta
SSJ4 Gogeta
Su/Nova Shenron
San/Eis Shenron
Li/Omega Shenron
SSJ God Gohan (lvl.55 -> SSJ Blue Gohan)
SSJ Blue Gohan
SSJ God Vegeta (lvl.55 -> SSJ Blue Vegeta)
SSJ Blue Vegeta
SSJ God Goku (lvl.55 -> SSJ Blue Goku)
SSJ Blue Goku
SSJ Blue Vegeto

Item list:

Onigiri: restores HP by 20 points.
Satan drink: restores HP by 50 points.
Z-Drink: restores HP by 200 points.
Senzu: fully restores HP and heals any status problems.
Crystal: revives a fighter and restores HP by half the maximum amount.
Shenron scale: revives a fighter and restores HP fully.
Flying Nimbus: used for escaping instantly from a cave or a dungeon.
Holy water: raises the level of a fighter by one.
Moon stone: makes certain saiyans fighters evolve into great apes.
Metal coat: makes Super Cooler evolve into Metal Cooler and Mega Rild into Metal Rild.
Ape tail: makes certain saiyans evolve into SSJ4.
God stone: makes certain saiyans evolve into SSJ God.
Wilo's brain: given by the scientist of the museum. It allows to have Wilo.
Smoke capsule: allows to flee from any wild battle.

Capsule: catch rate of 1.
Great capsule: catch rate of 1,5.
Ultra capsule: catch rate of 2.
Golden capsule: catches any fighter without fail.
Babidi capsule: used only in the Babidi Zone.

Held items
Battle boots: The holder may be able to strike first.
Battle gloves: boosts fighting-type moves
Battle armor: The holding fighter may endure an attack, leaving just 1 HP.
Nyoibo: boosts normal-type moves.
Neo-Scouter: boosts the critical-hit ratio of the holding fighter.
Turtle suit: brings extra exp. points in battle.
Weights: promotes strong growth but lowers speed while it is held.
Potara: boosts fire-type moves. (Yes, there is no fusion in the game)
Z-Sword: may cause the foe to flinch upon taking damage.

Key items
A-Scouter: an advanced scouter, used for seeing ghosts and unseeable beings.
Ocarina: awakens any fighter. Necessary to awaken Hildegarn blocking the way.
Radar: used for finding hidden items.
Dragon Balls(7): used for summoning Shenron.


The seven Dragon Balls

You need to find the seven Dragon Balls to summon Shenron. Here is their location:
1-star Dragon Ball: In the truck, in the port of RR Base.(You can enter by surfing)
2-star Dragon Ball: behind a rock on an islet(route 20).
3-star Dragon Ball: In Mt.Moon, when you beat the trainer at the end. (before the exit of the cave)
4-star Dragon Ball: On the Indigo Plateau, just before the center.
5-star Dragon Ball: In Capsule Corporation, after defeating Pilaf.
6-star Dragon Ball: On route 10, hidden near a tree. There is a row of trees, the ball is upwards.
7-star Dragon Ball: On route 8, in a corner (to the north), over the rock tunnel.
When you get them all, go to Makyo Town and talk to the old man near the tower so you can summon Shenron.

How to get past the guards

The guards prevent you from going to Satan City and other places if you don't give them the tea.
You need to talk to the old woman in West City, near the Z-Store.

The 3 super saiyan gods

There are 3 super saiyan gods: SSG Goku, SSG Vegeta and SSG Gohan. But you can have only one.
If your starter is Goku, you will find SSG Goku. It is the same thing for Vegeta and Gohan.
How to find them?
First, you have to beat the league. After that, you need to catch at least 60 fighters, then go and see Dr.Brief to get the National Scouter.
When you have done these two things, the super saiyan god will be released into the wild.
BUT I didn't test something about it. Maybe you have to repair the machine on One Island with the ruby and the sapphire to find the super saiyan god.
The National Scouter should allow you to find him but I'm not sure about that because I have not tested it yet. So, make sure to repair the machine first.

A tip to find them easily: Buy 15-20 max repels and put a fighter at level 49 (or beyond 40 at least) first in your party.
Then go to a grass area and use the max repels to keep weak fighters away.
Only the fighters with a level beyond 49 will appear, it is an easier way to find the super saiyan gods who are level 50.
If you don't find anything after using 2 max repels, leave the area by going to another route or just fly to the next town and come back. Repeat the operation until you find the fighter.

Caution! The super saiyan gods flee when you attack them. They are like Entei, Raikou and Suicune in the original pokemon game, you have to be careful.

Imperial Cave

To get past the cave, you have to beat the league, get the National Scouter from Dr.Brief(by catching 60 fighters) and give Celio the ruby and the sapphire on One Island.
After that, the guard will be gone.

How to find the ruby and the sapphire
The ruby
After beating the league and getting the National Scouter, go to One Island and talk to Celio. He asks you to find the 2 gemstones.
Then, go to Mt.Ember and go on the right. 2 henchmen of Pilaf will be talking together. Just beat them.
Go on, and go down when you're here:

You will find the ruby by this way.
Then, give Celio the ruby so that he gives you the Rainbow Pass. It allows you to go to all the seven islands.
You have to go to the Icefall Cave on Four Island after that. Pick the HM Waterfall and teach it to an Aqua.
Use this move to get up the waterfall in the cave, and help East Kai battle Pilaf henchmen.

The sapphire
After helping East Kai, go to Ruin Valley on Six Island. You need a fighter with the move Cut.
Just use Cut when you are in front of this door:

The door will be opened in this way. So you get to the Dotted Hole.
Go up, left, right and down. The sapphire is right there.
But a scientist will take it before you. You have to go to the Pilaf Warehouse on Five Island Meadow to take it back.
Just beat all the Pilaf members and the scientist to take the sapphire back. Then go to One Island to give Celio the sapphire.
That's it! You have finished this quest, now you can go to Imperial Cave on Namek Town.

How to get Whis
First, you need the Aurora ticket that is on Memorial Pillar, near the big rock to the south. The place is very random, I know.
Show this ticket to the sailor on Red Ribbon Base, he'll take you to Birth Island. Then, you have to solve the puzzle which is the same
as Deoxys in Fire Red. You need to press A many times on the triangle by making the correct steps, in this way:
Spoiler: Hide

1) Approach and press A
2) Press Left 5 times, then Down 1 time. Press A
3) Press Right 5 times, then Up 5 times. Press A
4) Press Right 5 times, then Down 5 times. Press A
5) Press Up 3 times, then Left 7 times. Press A
6) Press Right 5 times. Press A
7) Press Left 3 times, then Down 2 times. Press A
8) Press Down 1 time, then Left 4 times. Press A
9) Press Right 7 times. Press A
10) Press Left 4 times, then Down 1 time. Press A
11) Press Up 4 times. Press A

It's important to read what I just wrote or else you will get irritated. There is a step counter and you can't make as many steps as you want.
If you're still confused, just watch a video on youtube to see how to do. There are videos that show how to solve the puzzle of Deoxys, it's the same puzzle.

Some of you may have a save with the old version(before the last update). If you do, the Aurora ticket must have disappeared if you already picked the metal coat on Memorial Pillar(before the update, the ticket was a metal coat in this place). In this case, the cheat code is the only solution.
Code for the warp to Birth Island: 82031dbc 3802
Put this code in the Codebreaker(cheat list), then use any door to get to Birth Island. When you're done, remove the code and you will be able to leave the island.

How to find Hit
You need to solve the Tanoby Key puzzle on Sevault Canyon (Seven Island). It's in a cave where you have to push the rocks into all the holes.
After doing this, go to Tanoby Ruins to the south of Sevault Canyon and you will find Hit in the chambers (instead of Unown in the pokemon game).

How to find Zamasu and Black
Zamasu and Black are located on Navel Rock. You need the Mystic Ticket to go there.
First, go to Six Island and go through Green Path (surf to the north and get past the forest). Now, go to Outcast Island and keep heading to the north.
At the far end of this place, you will find Gowasu, standing on a little island. He will ask you to beat Zamasu and Black by giving you the ticket.

Where to find the 3 God Stones
-Capture/beat Zamasu and Black, and talk to Gowasu again. He will give you a god stone as reward.
-Whis holds a god stone. Capture him and take it from him.
-Beerus holds a god stone. Capture him and take it from him.
The cheat code for the god stone is the fire stone code in Fire Red: 82003884 005F. (buy it in a mart for free). Be careful! Make a copy of your save, cheat codes may damage your data.

Useful Items
The 3 ape tails:
*Pilaf Warehouse (just follow the tips for the sapphire to get to this place)
*Lost Cave: Go right, up, down, down, right, left, down, right, up.
*Sevault Canyon: Behind some rocks. You need the HMs Rock Smash and Strength.

The god stones: given by Gowasu, Beerus and Whis (explained above)

A-Scouter: Beat Pilaf in his hideout. To get to this place, push the button behind the poster in the Game Corner(West City).

Ocarina: Help Kami in God's tower, he will give it to you. It allows you to awaken Hildegarn who blocks the route 13.

Big mushrooms: There are 3 mushrooms allowing you to re-learn a move to your fighters -> Memorial Pillar, Water Path and Sevault Canyon.
These items are hidden in the ground, you need the radar (item finder) to find them. I can't post too many screenshots on this thread.

Radar: given by Brief's aide to the east of R.R. Base in the building. That's the item finder actually.

Bicycle: You don't have to pay 1 million zenis/dollars(or whatever the currency is) of course. You need the bike voucher given by the chairman of the fan club in Red Ribbon Base.
Give this voucher to the shopkeeper in Namek Town (in the bicycle shop). It's the same method in Fire Red.

The HMs
01 Cut: given by the captain on the ferry SS Anne ship (on Red Ribbon Base).
You can teach it to Bear Thief, Saibamen, Biomen and some other fighters.
02 Fly: given by a woman in a house on route 16 after cutting the tree.
03 Surf: in the Babidi Zone. The location is the same as in Pokemon Fire Red.
You can teach it only to Aqua. He's the only water-type fighter actually. (Catch him by fishing with the rod given by a man on RR Base)
04 Strength: given by the warden in Ginger Town. Give him the gold teeth.
05 Taiyouken: given by a scientist on Route 2, in the building after getting through the RR's cave.
06 Rock Smash: given by a man in the Ember Spa (located on Kindle Road, One Island).
07 Waterfall: in Icefall Cave (Four Island).

Cheat codes
-Wild encounters: First, put the master code in the "CodeBreaker" (Cheats -> Cheat list -> CodeBreaker):
17543C48 E65E0B97
8C050415 EB447C7A
AD86124F 2823D8DA
A0CCA92E 61571E3B
E2302908 64FD3288
25AF3162 06D16963
Warning: The codes may cause irreversible glitches in the game. Before using a code, I advise you to make a copy of your save and your rom.

So, if you want Vegeta for example, look at his number in the list above(in the spoiler). It's 4, so you need the code of the 4th pokemon of course (Charmander) which is DB8C60CD 81FD6AA7.
After using a code for a fighter, remove all the codes in the codebreaker, save and reopen your rom. Don't restart only, you really have to reopen the rom.
The codes may cause glitches sometimes if you don't use them correctly, so be careful. Just make sure to have a copy of your save file and your rom, just in case.

The codes of some fighters don't match their numbers. I give you their real numbers: Whis=131, Golden Frieza=132, Uub=116, Super Uub=117, Ledgic=118, Sigma=119, Rild=120, Mega Rild=121, Metal Rild=122, Baby=123, Baby Vegeta=133, Super C-17=124, SSJ4 Goku=125, SSJ4 Vegeta=126, SSJ4 Gogeta=127, Su Shenron=128, San Shenron=129, Li Shenron=130, SSG Gohan=243, SSB Vegeta=245, SSG Goku=244, SSB Goku=134.
Edit: In the update with Hit and other new characters, I changed the order of all the characters from SSJ Bardock until the last fighter.
Adding fighters in the game has caused a mess in the scouter data. I will make a list with the codes for each fighter probably.

-Infinite money cheat code:

-Item code: 82003884 XXXX
Replace XXXX by the item number of the list:

000 - nothing

Poke Ball
001 - Master Ball
002 - Ultra Ball
003 - Great Ball
004 - Poke Ball
005 - Safari Ball
006 - Net Ball
007 - Dive Ball
008 - Nest Ball
009 - Repeat Ball
00A - Timer Ball
00B - Luxury Ball
00C - Premier Ball

00D - Potion
00E - Antidote
00F - Burn Heal
010 - Ice Heal
011 - Awakening
012 - Paralyz heal
013 - Full Restore
014 - Max Potion
015 - Hyper Potion
016 - Super Potion
017 - Full Heal
018 - Revive
019 - Max Revive
01A - Fresh Water
01B - Soda Pop
01C - Lemonade
01D - MooMoo Milk
01E - Energy Powder
01F - Energy Root
020 - Heal Powder
021 - Revival Herb
022 - Ether
023 - Max Ether
024 - Elixir
025 - Max Elixir
026 - Lava Cookie
027 - Blue Flute
028 - Yellow Flute
029 - Red Flute
02A - Black Flute
02B - White Flute
02C - Berry Juice
02D - Sacred Ash
02E - Shoal Salt
02F - Shoal Shell
030 - Red Shard
031 - Blue Shard
032 - Yellow Shard
033 - Green Shard
03F - HR Up
040 - Protein
041 - Iron
042 - Carbos
043 - Calcium
044 - Rare Candy
045 - PP Up
046 - Zinc
047 - PP Max
049 - Guard Spec
04A - Dire Hit
04B - X Attack
04C - X Defend
04D - X Speed
04E - X Accuracy
04F - X Special
050 - Poke Doll
051 - Fluffy Tail
053 - Fire Stone
054 - Max Repel
055 - Escape Rope
056 - Repel
05D - Sun Stone
05E - Moon Stone
05F - Fire Stone
060 - Thunder Stone
061 - Water Stone
062 - Leaf Stone
067 - Tiny Mushroom
068 - Big Mushroom
06A - Pearl
06B - Big Pearl
06C - Stardust
06D - Star Piece
06E - Nugget
06F - Heart Scale

079 - Orange Mail
07A - Harbor Mail
07B - Glitter Mail
07C - Mech Mail
07D - Wood Mail
07E - Wave Mail
07F - Bead Mail
080 - Shadow Mail
081 - Tropic Mail
082 - Dream Mail
083 - Fab Mail
084 - Retro Mail

085 - Cheri Berry
086 - Chesto Berry
087 - Pecha Berry
088 - Rawst Berry
089 - Aspear Berry
08A - Leppa Berry
08B - Oran Berry
08C - Persim Berry
08D - Lum Berry
08E - Sitrus Berry
08F - Figy Berry
090 - Wiki Berry
091 - Mago Berry
092 - Aguav Berry
093 - Iapapa Berry
094 - Razz Berry
095 - Bluk Berry
096 - Nanab Berry
097 - Wepear Berry
098 - Pinap Berry
099 - Pomeg Berry
09A - Kelpsy Berry
09B - Qualot Berry
09C - Hondew Berry
09D - Grepa Berry
09E - Tamato Berry
09F - Cornn Berry
0A0 - Magost Berry
0A1 - Rabuta Berry
0A2 - Nomel Berry
0A3 - Spelon Berry
0A4 - Pamtre Berry
0A5 - Watmel Berry
0A6 - Durin Berry
0A7 - Belue Berry
0A8 - Liechi Berry
0A9 - Ganlon Berry
0AA - Salac Berry
0AB - Petaya Berry
0AC - Apicot Berry
0AD - Lansat Berry
0AE - Starf Berry
0AF - Enigma Berry

Hold Item
0B3 - Brightpowder
0B4 - White Herb
0B5 - Macho Brace
0B6 - Exp Share
0B7 - Quick Claw
0B8 - Soothe Bell
0B9 - Mental Herb
0BA - Choice Band
0BB - Kings Rock
0BC - Silverpowder
0BD - Amulet Coin
0BE - Cleanse Tag
0BF - Soul Dew
0C0 - Deep Sea Tooth
0C1 - Deep Sea Scale
0C2 - Smoke Ball
0C3 - Everstone
0C4 - Focus Band
0C5 - Lucky Egg
0C6 - Scope Lens
0C7 - Metal Coat
0C8 - Leftovers
0C9 - Dragon Scale
0CA - Light Ball
0CB - Soft Sand
0CC - Hard Stone
0CD - Miracle Seed
0CE - Black Glasses
0CF - Black Belt
0D0 - Magnet
0D1 - Mystic Water
0D2 - Sharp Beak
0D3 - Poison Barb
0D4 - Nevermeltice
0D5 - Spell Tag
0D6 - Twistedspoon
0D7 - Charcoal
0D8 - Dragon Fang
0D9 - Silk Scarf
0DA - Up-Grade
0DB - Shell Bell
0DC - Sea Incense
0DD - Lax Incense
0DE - Lucky Punch
0DF - Metal Powder
0E0 - Thick Club
0E1 - Stick
0FE - Red Scarf
0FF - Blue Scarf
100 - Pink Scarf
101 - Green Scarf
102 - Yellow Scarf

RS Key Items
103 - Mach Bike
104 - Coin Case
105 - ItemFinder
106 - Old Rod
107 - Good Rod
108 - Super Rod
109 - SS Ticket
10A - Contest Pass
10B - ?
10C - Wailmer Pail
10D - Devon Goods
10E - Soot Sack
10F - Basement Key
110 - Acro Bike
111 - Pokeblock Case
112 - Letter
113 - Eon Ticket
114 - Red Orb
115 - Blue Orb
116 - Scanner
117 - Go-Goggles
118 - Meteorite
119 - Rm 1 Key
11A - Rm 2 Key
11B - Rm 4 Key
11C - Rm 6 Key
11D - Storage Key
11E - Root Fossil
11F - Claw Fossil
120 - Devon Scope

TMs & HMs
121 - TM01
122 - TM02
123 - TM03
124 - TM04
125 - TM05
126 - TM06
127 - TM07
128 - TM08
129 - TM09
12A - TM10
12B - TM11
12C - TM12
12D - TM13
12E - TM14
12F - TM15
130 - TM16
131 - TM17
132 - TM18
133 - TM19
134 - TM20
135 - TM21
136 - TM22
137 - TM23
138 - TM24
139 - TM25
13A - TM26
13B - TM27
13C - TM28
13D - TM29
13E - TM30
13F - TM31
140 - TM32
141 - TM33
142 - TM34
143 - TM35
144 - TM36
145 - TM37
146 - TM38
147 - TM39
148 - TM40
149 - TM41
14A - TM42
14B - TM43
14C - TM44
14D - TM45
14E - TM46
14F - TM47
150 - TM48
151 - TM49
152 - TM50
153 - HM01
154 - HM02
155 - HM03
156 - HM04
157 - HM05
158 - HM06
159 - HM07
15A - HM08

Key Item
15D - Oak's Parcel
15E - Poke Flute
15F - Secret Key
160 - Bike Voucher
161 - Gold Teeth
162 - Old Amber
163 - Card Key
164 - Elevator Key
165 - Helix Fossil
166 - Dome Fossil
167 - Silph Scope
168 - Bike
169 - Town Map
16A - VS Seeker
16B - Fame Checker
16C - TM Case
16D - Berry Pouch
16E - Teachy Tv
16F - Tri-Pass
170 - Rainbow Pass
171 - Tea
172 - MysteryTicket
173 - AuroraTicket
174 - Powder Jar
175 - Ruby
176 - Sapphire
177 - Magma Emblem
178 - Old Sea Map

Then, buy this item at any mart.

Golden capsule = master ball
Holy water = rare candy
Ape tail = water stone
God stone = fire stone
Metal coat = thunder stone
Senzu = full restore
Shenron scale = max revive
Battle Boots = quick claw
BattleGloves = black belt
Battle Armor = poison barb
Nyoibo = silk scarf
Neo-Scouter = scope lens
Turtle Suit = lucky egg
Weights = macho brace
Potara = charcoal
Z-Sword = king's rock

-PC item modifier: 82025840 XXXX
This code makes an item show up in the last place of the PC. Replace XXXX by the item number in the list

Shiny code:
39584B19 D80CC66A
CE71B3D3 1F6A85FB
198DF179 5413C867
73ECB8A0 BDD8B251
D5AFFB37 6855972C
73ECB8A0 BDD8B251
This code doesn't work perfectly however, the shinys you catch should go directly in your team, so make room in the party. When you already have 6 fighters, the shinys are not in the PC boxes, I don't know why.
You can combine this code with the one of the fighter you want. For example, put the shiny code, the master code and the code of Goku to battle him as a shiny.

The save
It's the same problem with the other pokemon games. You have to adjust the settings on the emulator. Stop asking me how to fix the save,
many people ask me the same question every day and I can't repeat the same thing all the time. Just read the text below, I can't do it for you.
This message: "The 1M sub-circuit board is not installed." appears on the screen because of the settings on your emulator, it's not a glitch in the rom.

Go to "options" ; "emulator" ; "save type" and choose Automatic and Flash 128K. Then, put the files (emulator and rom) in the same folder.
There must not be a save file (".sav") in the folder before opening the rom. Then you should be able to save.
I advise you to use the emulator Visualboy Advance on Windows. If you use a different emulator/device, or if you still can't fix it, you can search on google.

Download Dragon Ball Z Team Training
by Z-Max

Friday, January 27, 2017

How to fix save error on visual boy advance

How to fix save error on visual boy advance
This is a tutorial on how to fix save error on visual boy advance that would stop you from saving in game in games like pokemon.

Example: Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma

Download game:
Download emulator:


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Beta 11E - Cheat Codes

-Wild Pokemon Modifire Codes
Own Master Code Needed
Master Code:-
1003DAE6 0007 (Only One Master Code Needed) ( Codebreaker)
Wild Pokemon Level 100 Modifire Code ( Codebreaker)
33007CF0 0064
Wild Pokemon Modifire Code (Codebreaker)
83007CEE 0224:- Dialga
83007CEE 0225:- Palkia
83007CEE 0228:- Giratina
83007CEE 0229:- Giratina-2
83007CEE 028D:- Venustoise
83007CEE 028A:- Cukazam
83007CEE 028B:- Peryton
83007CEE 028C:- Beeot
83007CEE 028E:- Marownine
83007CEE 028F:- Rayquaza-D
83007CEE 029A:- Temp
83007CEE 0220 :- Rotom M
83007CEE 0230:- Arceus
83007CEE 023A:- Charizard-Y
83007CEE 023B:- Mewtwo-Y
83007CEE 023C:- Mewtwo-X
83007CEE 023D:- Blastoise-X
83007CEE 023E:- Alakazam-Y
83007CEE 023F:- Gengar-Y
83007CEE 024A:- Gradevoir-Y
83007CEE 024B:- Mawile-Y
83007CEE 024C:- Aggron-X
83007CEE 024D:- Medicham-Y
83007CEE 024E:- Mantric-Y
83007CEE 024F:- Absol-Y
83007CEE 0240:- Pinsir-Y
83007CEE 0241:- Kangeskhan-Y
83007CEE 0242:- Gyarados-Y
83007CEE 0243:- Aerodectly-Y
83007CEE 0244:- Ampharos-X
83007CEE 0245:- Sizor-X
83007CEE 0246- Herracross-Y
83007CEE 0247:- Houndoom-Y
83007CEE 0248:- Tyranitar-Y
83007CEE 0249:- Bleziken-Y
83007CEE 0250:- Garchomp:-Y
83007CEE 025A:- Sableye-Y
83007CEE 025B:- Sharpedo-Y
83007CEE 025C:- Camureput-Y
83007CEE 025D:- Altaria-X
83007CEE 025E:- Glailie-Y
83007CEE 025F:- Salamance-Y
83007CEE 0251:- Lucario-Y
83007CEE 0252:- Ambomansnow-Y
83007CEE 0253:- Beedrill-Y
83007CEE 0254:- Butterfree-X
83007CEE 0255:- Pedgyot-Y
83007CEE 0256:- Slowbro-Y
83007CEE 0257:- Steelix-Y
83007CEE 0258:- Sceptil-X
83007CEE 0259:- Swampart-Y
83007CEE 0260:- Metagross-Y
83007CEE 026B:- Geodudes
83007CEE 026C:- Banete-Y
83007CEE 026D:- Coballion
83007CEE 026E:- Terrakion
83007CEE 026F:- Virizion
83007CEE 0261:- Latias-Y
83007CEE 0262:- Latios-Y
83007CEE 0263:- Lopunny-X
83007CEE 0264:- Gallade-Y
83007CEE 0265:- P-Kyogre
83007CEE 0266:- P-Groundon
83007CEE 0267:- P-Rayquaza
83007CEE 0268:- Flygon-Y
83007CEE 0269:- Hoopa
83007CEE 0270:- Tornadus
83007CEE 0271:- Tornadus-2
83007CEE 0272:- Thundurus
83007CEE 0276:- Reshiram
83007CEE 0279:- Kyurem-W
83007CEE 0280:- Victini
83007CEE 0289:- Kyurem-B
83007CEE 0284:- Xearneas
83007CEE 0285:- Volcanion
83007CEE 0288:- Kyurem
83007CEE 0290:- Diakia
83007CEE 0291:- W.T.F
83007CEE 0292:- Zekrom
83007CEE 0293:- Munna
83007CEE 0294:- Musharna
83007CEE 022A:- Cresselia
83007CEE 022B:- Phione
83007CEE 022C:- Manphy
83007CEE 022D:- Darkrai
83007CEE 022F:- Shaymin
83007CEE 0221:- Uxie
83007CEE 0222:- Mesprit
83007CEE 0223:- Azelf
83007CEE 0226:- Heatran
83007CEE 0227:- Regigigas
83007CEE 00FF:- Zapmolucuno
83007CEE 00FD:- C-Onix
83007CEE 00FE:- C-Steelix
83007CEE 01BA:- Blastoise-Y
83007CEE 01BB:- Charzard-X
83007CEE 01BC:- Pikachu-X
83007CEE 01BD:- Deoxys-1
83007CEE 01BE:- Deoxys-2
83007CEE 01BF:- Deoxys-3
83007CEE 01B8:- Raticate-X
83007CEE 01B9:- Golem-X

They Stones You Found In Your PC
Open Pc>Your Name PC>Item> Withdraw Item
82025840 005C:-Pikachunit X
82025840 005A:- Charizardit X
82025840 005B:- Charizardit Y
82025840 0052:- Raticate X
82025840 0057:- Golemit X
82025840 0058:- Blastoiseit X
82025840 0059:- Blastoiseit Y
82025840 0063:- Mewtwonite X
82025840 0064:- Mewtwonite Y
82025840 0065:- Alakazite Y
82025840 0066:- Gengarnite
82025840 0069:- Pinsirnite
82025840 0048:- Parasectit
82025840 0051:- Banetit
82025840 0070:- Kangeshknite
82025840 0071:- Gyaradosit
82025840 0072:- Aerodectit
82025840 0073:- Amphrosit
82025840 0074:-Sizorite
82025840 0075:- Herracronite
82025840 0076:- Houndoomnite
82025840 0077:- Tytrainit
82025840 0078:- Blezikenite
82025840 0079:- Gradvoirnite
82025840 007A:- Mawilnite
82025840 007B:- Aggronite
82025840 007C:- Medichamite
82025840 007D:- Manectit
82025840 007E:- Absolite
82025840 007F:- Garchompite
82025840 0080:- Lucarionite
82025840 0081:- Ambosite
82025840 0082:- Beedrillite
82025840 0083:- Butterfreeite
82025840 0084:- Pidgeotit Y
82025840 0085:- Slowbronite
82025840 0086:- Steelixite Y
82025840 0088:- Sceptilite X
82025840 0089:- Swampertit
82025840 008A:- Sablenite
82025840 008C:- Sharpedonite
82025840 008D:- Campuritet
82025840 0030:- Galledite
82025840 0031:- Latiosite
82025840 0034:- Fairy Stone
82025840 0035:- Ice Stone
82025840 0036:- Link Stone
82025840 0038:- Polywirthite Y
82025840 0039:- Venasaurnite Y
82025840 003A:- Venasaurnite X
82025840 003B:- Pedgeotit
82025840 003C:- Nidokingnite
82025840 003D:- Politoited
82025840 003E:- Steelixite X
82025840 0027:- Altarianie
82025840 0028:- Glailitnite
82025840 0029:- Slamanoite
82025840 002A:- Flygonite
82025840 002B:- Metagrossite
82025840 002E:- Latiasite
82025840 002F:- Lopunnite

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